Lasallian Thought for the Day

Love for Meditation

St. La Salle had such love and esteem for meditation that he regarded it as "the first and principal" daily exercise, the one which would most likely draw down God's blessing on us.

He himself meditated every day and often spent long hours in prayer, and often before the crucifix.

He also wrote two substantial books, one on the Method of Meditation and the other containing sample meditations for Sundays, Feast days, Saints, and for the time of Retreat.

For beginners, La Salle recommends first and foremost placing yourself in God!|s presence. Indeed your entire meditation can be made like this. You may wish, however, to move on to different acts of prayer such as acts of faith, thanksgiving, humility and so on.

For those who have been practising meditation for some time, simply resting in God!|s presence may be enough. You look at him and he looks at you.

The practice of meditation will lead us closer to God as our loving Father and he will not fail to grant us the blessings of true peace and joy.

"If you love God, prayer will be the food of your soul. You will even have a constant hunger for Him."

In Lasallian spirituality, we are hungry for God's presence.

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