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Love for Prayer

With St. John Baptist de La Salle, prayer always happens when you place yourself in the presence of God.
Even if you cannot pray just tell God you cannot and then remain at peace in his prescence. To be open each day to the presence of the living God is deeply rooted in Lasallian spirituality.

But, you may ask, God never answers my prayers. To St. La Salle God always answers those who look for him.
Or perhaps we only pray with our mouths, uttering so many words. Is it possible we do not really want what we pray for? 'When you pray, let it be with such deep humility that God will not be able to refuse you anything
you ask.' says La Salle.

St. La Salle has much practical advice for us when it comes to prayer.

  • As soon as you awake, think of God, perhaps by using a short prayer.
  • During the day make use of short prayers to help drive away useless thoughts and to ignite the fire of God's love. Learn these short prayers by heart.
  • Pray for your friends, for those you dislike, for your students and especially for the most troublesome ones, for those who have passed away!K
  • We will obtain all we ask for in the Lord's Prayer if we place no obstacle in the way, since it is the noblest, the most excellent, the easiest, and most efficacious of all prayers.
  • Help your students to pray, show them how to do so. Help them to learn the !Ħħart!ĦL of speaking to, about, and for God.
  • The most precious time in life is the moment you receive Holy Communion and the time immediately following. This is the time for a heart to heart relationship with Jesus.
  • When tormented by impure thoughts beg God without ceasing to deliver you from them.
  • Have respect faith and piety when using sacramentals such as holy water, holy pictures and medals.
  • Cultivate a special devotion to Our Lady, St. Joseph, your patron Saint and to all the Saints.

St. La Salle has written much about prayer. Meditations 36, 37 and 38 are devoted solely to this topic.
From his life and writings It is easy to see that he was a man of prayer. We get an insight into this when he says in a letter to a Brother, Pray often for me; I am in great need of your prayers. I will also pray for you and will try to help you in every way I can.

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