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Love for Scripture

Another important aspect of Lasalian spirituality is the love of scripture, the Word of God.

John Baptist de La Salle went so far that he asked the Brothers to carry around the New Testament every day and to read and meditate on it. And so our Rule says we are to "have a profound respect for Holy Scripture, especially the Gospel" and to "read and meditate on the Word of God every day."

In his Meditation for the feast of St. Catherine, La Salle writes: "Often meditate on the words of Holy Scripture to encourage yourself to do what is right."

St. La Salle wants us to make use of the treasure of the scriptures for our daily life. Peace, joy, praise, gratitude, sadness, desire for change; whatever is in my heart I say to the Lord in a simple and natural way.

And what about our students? La Salle asks the teachers to become so familiar with the main sayings of scripture that they will be able to "inspire" their students to follow, to behave well at all times. Scripture will also inspire us to pray constantly for our students and especially for those undergoing difficulty.

A nice summary of St. La Salle's view of Scripture is taken from his Meditation for the Feast of St. Jerome.

"If you wish to be filled with the mind of God and entirely fit for your work, make the sacred books of Scripture your special study, and particularly the New Testament, so that it serves as a rule of conduct both for yourselves and for those whom you instruct."

Perhaps we can make some sayings of Scripture our own?

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