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Our Lasallian mission in Hong Kong is largely centred on our schools where we strive to give a human and Christian education to our students, paying particular attention to those who are poor, needy, or disadvantaged.

Although the number of Catholics in our schools is relatively small, we are committed to fulfilling our mission in the Lasallian Spirit of Faith, Zeal and Community by helping our students to discover, appreciate and practise both human and Gospel values.

Traditionally, a human and Christian education will involve the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional development of the students. Nowadays, this is sometimes referred to as "holistic" eduacation, that is the education of the whole person.

Although Jesus Christ is the moral reference point in Lasallian schools, we are to respect all religious and wisdom traditions - all of which share some common human and spiritual values.

John Baptist de La Salle regarded our mission of teaching as one of the most holy and exalted on earth. Teachers are to be "ambassadors and ministers of Jesus Christ", the "guardian angels", of their pupils and act like "good shepherds" toward their flock. Indeed we are to be so dedicated to our Mission that we give our very life to it. It is a "gift of God" to be entrusted with the care of children, and we are to "enlighten the eyes of their hearts".

Our Lasallian Vision and Mission is truly a noble one. We are to prepare our students to live a fully human life with personal integrity, in the service of the Church and the world.

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