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Meeting the Bishop

On 6th of April, all the Brothers in Hong Kong were invited to a meeting with the recently installed Bishop Stephen Chow, together with his Auxiliary Bishop, Joseph Ha, three Vicars General and the Procurator.

We met at Caritas Centre adjacent to the Cathedral and we were able to share our mutual realities of mission as well as possible directions for the future.

 After self-introductions, the Bishop was pleased to note that we have managed to attract some new blood. We introduced our LEAD District and then moved on to our educational mission in Hong Kong.

We touched on the areas of lay partner formation, succession planning, the Catholic and Lasallian life of the schools, relationship with the parishes, local vocations, religious studies teachers, alumni support and any concerns about the longer-term future.

The meeting was held in a cordial atmosphere and the Brothers much appreciated this opportunity of sharing.