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School Managers workshop

The managers of our eight schools in Hong Kong came together online on the 9th April 2022 for a professional development programme. The programme was organised by the Sponsoring Body of our schools with the organising team composed of Ms Brenda Wu, Principal of Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) Primary School and her colleagues.

Two speakers were invited to address the gathering. The first presenter was Doctor Desmond Nguyen, an old boy of St Joseph’s College and Primary and who is currently the Chief Executive of the Kwai Chung Hospital. He is a qualified psychiatrist. His topic was the ‘Well-being of our staff and students.” Desmond offered many insights into working with psychiatric patients, especially in the time of the Covid crisis. Insights were obtained into the handling of change, the handling of success and the handling of failure. He also reminded us that we are not facing the Covid pandemic alone.

Our second presenter was Mr Lester Huang, an old boy of La Salle College and Primary and who is currently a Partner and Co-Chairman of a solicitor’s firm, Chair of the City University Council, and legal adviser to the Lasallian Family in Hong Kong. His topic was “Risk management in the school context.” Lester left us with many points to ponder and gave us a number of areas which require annual and ongoing school review in relation to managing risk. This is very useful for school administrators because it falls under their legal responsibilities.

Brother Dennis presented certificates of appreciation to the presenters while Brother Patrick gave some closing remarks.

The programme lasted three hours and was time well spent.